West Satsop CNC, LLC

CNC workshop in the Pacific Northwest USA

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About West Satsop CNC, LLC

West Satsop CNCis a business committed to local, innovative manufacturing. Our primary focus has been wooden boats, but we do a lot of signage and custom flat-pack furniture solutions.


We ship to anywhere in North America using common carrier. We have good sources for any kind of sheet plywood or MDF.

We specialize in 2.5D sheet ply parts. We do not specialize in metals or exotic plastics.

All of our pricing is based on full sheets of material.

Turnaround Time

We are a small shop but we pride ourselves in fast turnaround. Files provided in Autocad 2000 DXF format can be shipped promptly.

Opening Hours
9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, Pacific Time.