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About Umake Online Factory

We love designing and making stuff in house.

I moved to Canada from Australia about 4 years ago. In Australia I worked for companies where we designed our products and manufactured everything in China. Moving to Canada, I decided to manufacture everything myself and not outsource like the common practice throughout the world.

We started with 1 little machine and now have 4. We even build our CNC machines in house.


Laser Cutting and CNC Machining is typically for flat material so shipping is reduced to a low volumetric ration.

We ship with Canada Post as the prices are much lower and we can avoid customs and duty for our international customers outside of Canada.

Turnaround Time

We typically turn jobs around in 3 days once payment is received.

Opening Hours
We are open typically from 8 am to 6 pm but we prefer a call ahead for appointments.