Timbur LLC

Providing the highest quality Digital Fabrication Experience to customers in the NYC area.

Our Services

Timbur LLC offers a wide range of fabrication services from Machining, to Assembly and Finishing.

Machining__ 6-Axis Industrial Robot, 2.8M reach CNC #1, 98"x60"x8" CNC #2, 120"x72"x12" Large Volume 3d Printing (FDM) 24"x24"x20"

Assembly | Finishing__ Custom Glue-ups Laminate Cabinet Assembly Joinery Solid Surface Assembly and Polishing Acrylic Edge Polishing (Flame/Buff) Hand Applied Oil Finishes Waterborne Spray Finishes


Lamination, Joinery, Solid Surface

Fused Deposition Modelling

Large Envelope FDM 3d Printing 24"x24"x20"

CNC Milling

Large Bed CNC Milling 120"x72"x12"

CNC Routing

Nested Based CNC Routing


Hand Applied and Spray Finishing

All Services

  • Assembly
  • Fabrication
    • 3D Printing
      • Fused Deposition Modelling
    • CNC Machining
      • CNC Milling
      • CNC Routing
  • Finishing