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We love making, solving and delivering great work. Collaborating with clients is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Whether you need simple production runs, a custom sign, or a product designed and fabricated we're here to help.

When we're not making things for you we are hard at work on our own products and projects, always striving to use salvaged, reclaimed, certified and scrap materials. We believe design can help repair the world. We begin by salvaging scrap material to craft your environment.

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Pronounced 'tee-koon' the word comes from the Hebrew phrase “tikkun olam” meaning, “repairing the world”.

The realization that design and consumption have the power to help instead of harm compels us at every corner – it guides our design philosophy.

Please visit our website for more information: www.tikuncollective.com

Turnaround Time

5 Business days on simple, ready to cut projects using dwg or dxf files.

7-10 Business days for projects with any CAD work / assembly / light design / proofing.

Opening Hours
10am - 6pm, Monday - Friday
Overtime work will be billed at 2x our standard rates