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High quality, honest and sustainable products.

Welcome to The Interior Cafe

The Interior Cafe offers high quality sustainable interior products. We believe that there is a high demand on the market for such products and we are happy to offer them. What do we mean with high quality sustainability? Let me explain!

Our products are designed with the goal of giving the consumer an honest product that they will enjoy for an endless time. We select ourselves the raw materials coming from sustainable resources and manufactured by companies located in Europe. We have chosen those manufacturers on basis of the manufacturing process, labor and product quality. The next step is shipping those great products to our clients. The same goes here, we only use the most sustainable packing material and shipping suppliers you can find.

All those words might mean nothing, but we want to show our clients the origin of the products they buy. You will find all our designers, brands, suppliers and manufacturers on the webpage. We believe in transparency and honesty towards our clients.

The Interior Cafe is a new concept in the interior design shopping world. Whilst all of our products are online available in our web shop, we do offer our clients the experience to see, feel and use our products.

To give a real-life impression of our products we decided not only to use interior shops. We display our products in cafe’s, coffeehouses and other public places alike so our clients can enjoy seeing, feeling and using the products for its actual use.

Another thing is our made-to-order way of working with many products. We don't work with huge stocks because at the end, the client pays for making and storing those stocks.

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