SoulMind Studios

CNC Routing & Milling - Laser Etching & Cutting - Design - Prototyping - Customize your Life!


We can finish and assemble your project in our outfitted shop, saving you time, money and frustration. Our finishing and assembly services include sanding, staining, painting, inlaying, gluing, fastening, and adding hardware.

Our Machines

  • Epilog Laser Fusion 120W
    • 40" x 28" Laser Area
    • Rotary Attachment
    • 120W CO2 Laser
    • 75-1200 DPI

    Precise heat from a 120W CO2 laser creates pristine lines and perfect edges. If your materials can handle some heat, this laser cutting and etching are perfect for customizing, prototyping, and short run production.

    Our typical lead time is 5 work days from the confirmation of design.

  • ShopBot Tools PRSalpha CNC
    • 96" x 48" Table Size
    • Drag-Knife Attachment
    • Vacuum Table

    We use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Routing Machine to precisely cut out your designs in various hard materials, including wood, composites, aluminum, steel, foams and plastics. Our CNC Router can produce one-off designs as needed, in addition to managing repeat and ongoing production runs.

    Our typical lead time is 2 weeks from the confirmation of design.