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CNC Routing

Machining 3D CNC Router   Wood furniture, decorative panels, architecture: can be made items of furniture, interior design, table legs and chairs, exhibition stands, benches, consoles, showcases, display items, etc. Plastic: We can process various plastics, acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, tufnol, etc. Processing speed depends on the project and the type of material used. It can make decorative panels, furniture, exhibition stands, molds and decorations, volumetric boxes, etc. Non-ferrous metals: aluminum can be made items of furniture and interior and exterior design, and lightweight aluminum panels and engravings, etched or milled.

Spray Painting

Painted MDF fronts MDF fronts painted with glossy finish, especially the high gloss "high gloss" (supralucios) is fashionable. All areas of use benefits from air variable chromatic same elegant finish. In Europe prevail in the interior.   We now offer the opportunity to be the fashion in furniture. Our Department is painted and fully equipped performance made a painting of excellent quality for both glossy and matte for those.   Painting of MDF using RAL, NCS and ICA allows access an extremely large number of colors. Allow the use of variable thickness medium plates, which is important in design. Special environments with humidity that require plate, painted MDF are higher than or chipboard foiled Cantu. The plate is painted entirely sealed by painting! Resist much better in these environments. Polyurethane painting shows a number of features and benefits that allow for unique furniture items

-profunzime color


-Grade high transparency of the film, the surface of the glassy effect (high gloss)


• resistance to mechanical and physical high


all components use in painting cycles are EU certified last generation, low environmental impact, zero formaldehyde content, NMP and APEO


very extensive nightly range of colors, more than 2300 shades

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