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Prefab Lab; Considered Architecture + Construction

Welcome to Prefab Lab

Prefab Lab exists to make great architecture through a manufacturing environment. Your next project, small or large, will benefit from our broad experience in fabrication strategies & systems.

We specialise in Manufactured Architecture, Commercial Prototyping, Architectural Solutions, Prefabricated Components, I-Beam House and Manufactured Products.

Prefab Lab Pty Ltd is a company resulting from the many years of projects and prototyping by teams under the direction of Matthew Gee. Collectively we have also been highly influenced be UTAS School of Architecture and Design digital fabrication workshops. We are a disruptive business in Tasmania driven by the potential for innovation in construction.

Over the last four years, Prefab Lab has produced highly detailed prefabrication solutions for over 30 projects ranging from joinery to entire buildings.

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