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The PrecisionMec performs mechanical and woodworking project through CNC (3 axys, with 2.500 x 1.300 x 200 mm working area) that ensure the optimization of labor, the reduction of production times and higher quality is comparable on the finished work. Each phase of the work is important and is carried out with extreme care by using advanced tools and programs. The programming of the machines, in fact, is directed by special software CAD and CAM, able to handle drawings in 2D and 3D formats. Not only the programming is decisive, but also the dimensional control that is executed on the machining. The latter can be of the conventional type (measuring instruments such as gauges and micrometers subjected to periodic calibration), or, in the case of complex and / or large dimensions, can be through the use of a new tool 3D laser scanner. We deliver support over the entire chain of development from the design of the idea, through the assembly simulation and to the realization.

PrecisionMec, can also operate with processing on behalf of third parties, or by providing the equipment present in the laboratory, adding, if necessary, the support of experts from both in the field of design, simulation of the toolpath and realization on various materials, succeeding to ensure a high value of work, provided by a constant investment in technology and numerical control stations CAD and CAM. Strict quality control and technical staff specialized help to better organize the work required of the entire national territory.