Algorithm & parametric design

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We’ve spent some years in the research of the process for the development and optimization for our projects, after this previus stage we have acquired a deep commitment to existing technologies in the development of optimal and appropriate shapes to use, the environment and the intention to produce a minimum energy expenditure; to the reuse and utilization of waste materials;to techniques inherited from textile surfaces development, and above all THINK THE ECONOMY AS A PRINCIPLE… Related to design and architecture shapes, support given by new technologies has led to the start of an exciting era of collaboration between project developers around the world, be they architects, engineers, industrial designers and / or of different areas, creating a wide network of collaboration and participation of open source that opens up endless development posibilities for shapes, geometries and construction processes. We are a young company that on its journey has participated in national and international architecture competitions, whose team has completed their training in Barcelona, and that year by year has managed to nurture form both academic and professional fields.

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