Plybox UK

Specialists in CNC cutting and plywood product manufacture.

Welcome to Plybox UK

Plybox UK is a CNC routing company specialising in cutting wood for businesses and private individuals. A family run firm operating from a friendly factory in West Sussex, we work with a dedicated team to produce high quality components and products for designers, businesses and artists working in a wide range of sectors.

We have over 15 years experience manufacturing complex high quality speaker cabinets and audio equipment travel cases for the music industry. Over the years we have also worked with individual designers and visionaries to create bespoke speaker systems, storage solutions, display schemes and furniture. We are in endless pursuit of professionalism, quality, great design, and remarkable customer experiences. We try new things, and get excited about our customers’ innovative products because we want them to be successful. We manufacture to the highest quality because we believe in adding value to the world. We do these things because everyone who comes into contact with us should be the better for it and long-time loyalty from customers and employees is our greatest reward.

Whether your needs are for a tailored one off piece, a prototype for your big idea or a finalised design ready for market, we would love to talk to you about your CNC cutting and manufacturing requirements.

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