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About Moran's Wood Components

Moran’s Wood Components Ltd are a British manufacturing company which has grown steadily over the past 30 years through a love of making things from wood.


Started By Andy Moran in 1978 then aged 18 to offer an engraving service to jewellery shops, leading soon to opening a Trophy shop.

In 1979 Andy was joined by Geoff Lewis, and they developed the woodworking side of the business. Initially making wooden trophies, shields and plaques to sell through the shop, this soon led to supplying the wholesale trophy market on a national scale. The business expanded in this way through the 1980’s, supplying wholesale markets in the trophy industry, and the giftware industry. By now Andy’s wife had taken over the trophy shop as a separate business, which still operates today.

In the 1990’s the wholesale trophy and giftware industries looked to cheap imports from China, and Moran’s looked to new lines. The skills and experience of developing new products based on knowledge of wood and machining, led to a versatile and varied product range.

Andy’s son Paul joined in 2000, and son-in-law Neil Horton in 2005. Focusing on the products areas as we have today, hospitality, luxury packaging, point of sale, and signs, we developed a versatile product range in these niches, constantly evolving and exploring new ideas.

In 2010 we moved into 37,000 sq ft premises, offering us greatly improved capacity for volume orders, and fast and efficient turnaround times.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Values & Principles.

A family run business involved in manufacturing for over 30 years, Moran’s Wood Components runs its business on ethical values and strong principles. We strive to offer good value and consistent quality products, and look after our customers, our employees, and our social and environmental responsibilities.

Our focus is on the following areas:


We source all our raw timbers and sheet materials from well managed sustainable forests.

Wood is the world’s most sustainable raw material.

Fossil fuel use results in permanent additions of atmospheric carbon. In contrast, wood use can result in no long term increase in atmospheric carbon. Provided most of the world practices Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) the carbon released into the atmosphere by the use of wood is quickly resequested by the regenerating forest.

Energy efficiency: We have installed a system which filters and burns the wood waste, using this energy to heat the factory. This is a big saver and very energy efficient, greatly reducing our carbon footprint.

Recycling: All our wood waste is recycled as outlined above, our paints and lacquers are recycled where possible, otherwise disposed of in an environmentally sound way.

Market & Society

We are proud to be a part of UK manufacturing. We believe in producing good quality products at fair prices, always looking to improve our products for the benefit of our customers.

We look always to employ local people in a small town and the surrounding areas, offering young people the chance to train on the job.

Wherever possible we look to use local (and on a wider scale, UK) suppliers for our materials and services, boosting the economy in the local areas.


On a much smaller and internal level of social responsibility, one of our main priorities is the welfare of our employees. We strive to improve the working conditions continually, to improve the health and safety.

With a low turnover of staff (50% currently with us for around 10 years, including several working with us for over 20 years) we believe in providing a healthy and stable working environment.

We offer in house training and modern apprenticeships for young workers.

We try to involve our workers in the direction of the business, talking through major decisions and a good bonus scheme helps everyone share in the profits.

In summary, we strive to uphold our ethics and principles in every aspect of our work, ensuring fairness for customers, employees, and society locally, nationally, and globally.

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