Model Inc.

Lasercut/CNCRouting for art + design + excesive brain activity (DIY, models)

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About Model Inc.

We are architecture students providing guidance and digital-fabrication service for a new market. There were several lasercutting machines in town but used only for marketing stuff. We use the same technology but 100%focused on bringing ideas to life, from architecture models to industrial design prototypes. From a DIY geeks to a street artist and his stencil. Model Inc knows how to make ideas possible.


We stock cardboard, acrylic, and MDF. If you need a different material you can bring it and we´ll work on it. We receive lasercut/cncrouter files via email or chat then we estimate your cost and turnaround time. Once you agree we cut it.

Turnaround Time

We have a incoming-file queue, so first in first out. Normally less than 24hs

Opening Hours
8.30 to 12.30 - 14.30 to 18.30
  • Company registration number: 1472563.