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Prefabrication & construction services developed to support the architectural & design industry.

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The services that we offer have been developed to support the architectural, design and building industries via a fluid operation where skilled team work and continuity of communication benefit project outcomes. These services are centered around the production and development of various prefabricated methods of construction. Flexibility is at the heart of the capabilities and services being offered as the fabrication workshop space provides the opportunity to accommodate projects of varying size and scaled application.


Our core on-site assembly team consist of the same members who prefabricate the building/project components in the fabrication workshop prior to on-site assembly. Having the core construction team travel with the project as it moves from workshop to site allows the team to follow projects through from the beginning to completion, reducing the possibility for miscommunications to occur from unnecessary handovers between contractors.


A broad skill base allows for projects to be managed, planned, and realised through continuous communication between all faculties. Working within a strongly connected collaborative team allows project problem solving and strategizing to be an integral condition in project planning. Timelines, scheduling, and project pricing models are all extracted from the 3Dimensional Digital design models allowing accuracy in project planning, ordering, timing and delivery.


Our team consists of designers, builders, a project engineer and highly skilled CAD CAM operators.

A new 2015 Accent CNC Router (Computer Numerical Control) 1220 x 2440 Cut Bed with 8 bay automatic tool changer from W and R Jacks is used to deliver precision cut components. A large variety of materials are able to be machined, these include; Plywood, Solid timber, Engineered timber LVL, Plastics, Aluminum (ACM), Goldfoam etc. Some of these material are used for the following applications:

  • Contour models – Building models
  • Facade prototypes – Building systems
  • Acoustic panels – interior linings and etched detailing
  • Customised Joinery – Kitchens – Shelving
  • Furniture
  • Building Assembly Components
  • Any other projects or components that can be imagined and cut using this technology.


We have developed a robust system and set of digital tools that effectively allow us to extract relevant information out of our 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) models in preparation for CNC cutting/manufacturing.

Our process based work flow navigates a variety of programmes such as Rhino with Grasshopper and Revit (BIM) with Dynamo. Scripts have been developed within these programmes to automate and speed up the process of exporting specific BIM data in preparation for CNC cutting. Through this method of working we can deal with an extensive range of file types and interface with other software. This can also involve collaboration with designers to ensure quality is maintained and efficient use of materials is achieved. Through the application of these unique scripts we are able to accurately provide clients with valuable information such as estimated CNC time & costing for projects of any scale.


Nesting is the efficient application and arrangement of components on sheet material in order to minimize the amount of material waste off-cuts. This optimization and component arrangement process is also supported by the application of tagging. Tags are a method of labelling, they are applied to every component in a project allowing them to be located in the order of assembly and construction sequence. These tags can be referenced and checked in the digital model to inform the location or orientation of a component within the project. This is particularly important in projects where every component is incrementally different or is of some complex nature where the overall assembly requires assistance or a point of reference for construction.


With 470sqm of flexible workshop space we are able to deliver unique prefabrication projects of many scales and applications. This includes more traditional methods of prefabrication such as installing cladding and insulation to pre-framed walls, floors and roofs, complete & ready to be lifted into place on the building, speeding up traditional methods of construction remarkably.

Makers Fabrication have developed a precision CNC manufactured building system to work in conjunction with XLam’s Structural Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panel product. This system effectively allows for flexibility of design and can be applied to any CLT structure. This system is available to other Architects and Designers as it can be digitally applied to any CLT design.

This precision CNC manufacturing process allows for the plywood cassette components to be cut and assembled in the workshop making for fast on-site assembly. Essentially the plywood cassette structures house the insulation, services and cladding, these cassettes clip onto the exterior of the CLT panels into routed notches enabling the structure to be weather-tight in a matter of days.

This CLT & cassette based system is one of other precision manufactured building systems being developed & tested by Makers Fabrication.

Makers Fabrication support the production, testing and construction of other prefabricated building systems, such as Chris Moller’s (CMA+U) Plywood Click-Raft structure of which has been 3D modelled, cut and constructed by Makers Fabrication.

Using these CNC technologies for prefabricated projects allows for precision, efficiency, accuracy and quality assurance.

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