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Office environments passed beyond the cliché of neatly arranged rows of desk and chairs. The modern workspace is now a multifunctional and multimodal space where people, process and technology collaborate. The goal now is for the office space to predispose employees and customers to spend extended duration or short periods of time in it, as well as being suitable for special-purpose visits. As technology has brought change and flexibility to the way we work, so too has it changed, how, where, when and what spaces we work in. "KG Workspace" strives to provide enough flexibility and functionality to the office furniture to meet individual customer needs. Knowing that each office environment and every project are unique, the furniture is designed to meet the needs of the changing work teams. "KG Workspace" believes in the beneficial relationships between designers, consultants, customers and other interested parties to offer office environment solutions that go beyond expectations. The office furniture complies with, but also breaks, the limits associated with the choice and use of materials. “KG Workspace” focuses on durability and definitely understands the need for products to be made from the most practical materials with the best manufacturing processes to make them last as long as possible. We also realize that aesthetics is very important, for the employees and customer’s positive feelings, as well as for the company’s culture and productivity of the working team. The process by which office spaces are designed is changing extremely rapidly, new methodologies are being introduced, which make the various manufacturing-related operations much faster, more detailed and more accurate. "KG Workspace" is striving to follow the changing needs of today's marketplace and to offer industry-leading furniture products. With appropriate constructions and short deadlines, “KG Workspace” is established as a Bulgarian manufacturer that offers local and International delivery to the office. "KG Workspace" understands that the making of a high quality product is only part of the office furnishing process and that all Clients and Partners deserve clear communication and to be provided solutions throughout the whole cooperation.

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