Our Services

We are experts laser cutting, laser engraving, woodworking, metal cutting, design, and manufacturing.

We have one of the largest C02 lasers in the mid atlantic, with a staggering 500w beam and a 50" x 100" bed.

Flame Polishing

Our laser is capable of cutting up to 1.25" acrylic with a flame polished edge. This is right off the laser, with no additional processes.


Capable of laser cutting up to 1/8" mild steel. We can also cut stainless, bronze, brass, and aluminum.

All Services

  • Design
    • Concept Design
  • Fabrication
    • Laser Processes
      • Laser Cutting
      • Laser Engraving
      • Laser Engraving
  • Finishing
    • Polishing
      • Flame Polishing
  • Materials
  • Metalworks
  • Turnkey Build Projects