Josephs Workshop

CNC Routing, wood machine and laser services. From concept to completion.

Our Services

Joseph's Workshop offers and broad scope of services: from machining rough sawn timber to French polishing a final piece and completing its packaging ready for distribution. Weather it's a complete project or single link in the sequence of tasks required to bring your products to fruition, we will do our utmost to deliver industry leading results.

Our machining shop includes: CNC routers, milling machines, laser cutters and engravers, a host of table saws, track saws, wide belt sanders, radial arm saw, lathes (both cnc and manual), horizontal band saws and many more sanding and finishing machines. On many occasions we have manufactured machines to complete tasks that are otherwise not possible with products on the market.

We also have extensive experience in cad modelling, often providing renderings of a product pre production for proofing purposes (that's a lot of "p's").

All Services

  • Assembly
  • Construction Services
  • Design
    • Concept Design
    • Design Analysis
  • Fabrication
    • CNC Machining
      • CNC Lathing
      • CNC Milling
      • CNC Routing
    • Laser Processes
      • Laser Cutting
      • Laser Engraving
  • Finishing
  • Guidance
  • Materials
  • Metalworks
  • Scale Model Making
    • Architectural Model Making