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What is CNC routing and is it right for my project?

CNC routing is a method of cutting flat sheet materials like MDF it specific shapes using a large computer controlled router and a cutting program generated from a CAD file. The parts can be cut as many times as you like all with the same accuracy. CNC routing unlike laser and waterjet has depth of cut control so we can:

Cut though Rebate Drill Chamfer Round-over Pocket Profile Engrave

Below is a simple flow list of the work method.

  • Design – 2D CAD vector drawings of the parts needed. These can be provided by the customer or we can do them for you. Obviously if you have the ability to do them yourself this will save you money.
  • Liaison with the customer to finalise the CAD drawing discussing costs and agreeing terms.
  • Production of a CAD/CAM machine program. This is a computer program that tells the CNC router what to do (move , speed of cutting , which cutters to select for the job etc etc). There is a one off cost involved in this but once done this program can be run again at any time.
  • Sourcing of materials. We have daily deliveries of standard timber sheet materials but for plastics and metals we urge the customer to source the material and have it delivered to us to avoid any mistakes.
  • Booking in a cutting time with the customer. For small jobs (under five sheets) this can be done in as little as 48 hours. For larger jobs we liaise with customer and work within their deadlines
  • Machine set up for the job in hand
  • CNC cutting the materials
  • Disposal of wast material and dust.
  • Booking in collection and delivery
  • Taking payment

As you can see it is not a five minute process and cutting very small jobs may not be cost effective for you unless very simple shapes. To this end we have a minimum CAD/CAM program and cutting cost of £75 plus VAT. We have introduced this visible cost to help some customers who may think that CNC cutting is a similar service to panel saw cutting offered by B&Q etc (so if it it is just straight edged parts you need we recommend contacting your local timber merchants who will be able to advise you)


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