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Designers and Builders of Retail Interior Spaces

Our Services

CAD Modelling/ Design Our team of designers are able to convert your preliminary design ideas into 2D/3D CAD files, thus allowing you to better visualise concepts though our advanced renderings. We continue to invest in and experiment with new and exciting software to created realistic depictions of your designs.

CNC Machining Our CNC equipment allows us to cut out irregular shapes with great speed and accuracy. We are able to wood products (etc. plywood, MDF)and acrylics. Our fabrications are CNC machined and assembled by hand to provide the best quality product with the highest level of care.

Laser Cutting Our Laser Cutting machine can handle both acrylic and wood, and produces precise and high quality cuts. Machined items can be spray-painted/ sand blasted to meet your specifications.


High quality lacquer finishes.

Media & Print

Stickers and posters.

All Services

  • Design
    • CAD Modelling & File Conversion
  • Fabrication
    • CNC Machining
      • CNC Routing
    • Laser Processes
      • Laser Cutting
  • Finishing
    • Spray Painting
  • Media & Print