The first workshop in Paris for creative laser cut and engraving - Since 2010

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About Figura/Sfondo

figura/sfondo is a specialized atelier, born in Paris in 2010 with the objective of develop in a creative area, the possibilities offered by the laser cut and engraving technologies.

With a long experience in the world of graphic and design, we offer to our clients the competence to follow the creative process in all its phases.

From the idea to the production, through the care of details and innovative solutions to obtain the best result, we are artisans at the service of those who want to make their ideas real.

Artists, graphics, designers, architects and fashion designers have chosen figura/sfondo as partner for their projects, confident to have the chance to rely on someone able to go beyond the simple technical execution.

We operate in the field of laser cut and engraving, graphic design and visual communication on different materials; within our team we encounter professionals of offset and digital print, of CNC cutter and of the paperboard fabrication, in order to follow you along the most complex projects.

Our website, constantly updated, is an invitation to get in touch with the atelier’s activities and at the same time a showcase for the artists working with us.