Custom digital fabrication service company


FABRIKOR is a custom manufacturing service company based in Maribor Slovenia, that provides custom manufactured parts and assemblies, technology development, production and sale of a variety of application systems and solutions that are developed by open source principles. Our manufacturing facilities and operations are a part of Tkalka, a creative center in the heart of Maribor, co-located with a number of creative organizations and a fablab.

Fabrikor has been set up to demonstrate business viability of open hardware implementation, prototyping and manufacturing, bridging the gap between customers and project developers. We specialize in the following key areas:

Production and market placement of kits and part-assembled open hardware systems, machines and tools. Multidisciplinary manufacturing of assembly parts for a range of customers and projects requiring fast and versatile manufacturing. Dynamic and fast-response prototyping service for customers from science and industry alike. Our manufacturing toolset and engineering partners heavily utilize open source open hardware solutions, enabling fast-paced prototype creation and integration of well known and tested solutions in time efficient manner. We believe in active collaboration with our customers and can accommodate open or confidential work on the projects.

Our Machines

  • CNC Concept BASIC 1500

    Work area: 1300x700mm, max. 60mm thick

  • HYPER-CUT PRO 90120 130W

    Cuttung/Engraving Area (mm) 900x1200 Laser Power (W) 130W Engraving Speed (M/min) 0-60 Cutting Speed (M/min) 0-40 Repos. Accuracy (mm) 0.1

  • MUTOH SC-650

    Cutting area: 100 – 630 mm x 12 m Maximum media thickness : 1,2 mm Knife / Cut type / principle : Drag knife

  • Open hardware Troublemaker 4pcs

    Troublemaker is a derivative from the highly popular open-source 3D printer Ultimaker Original by active individuals of Drustvo Elektronikov Slovenije (hobby electronics society) designed for the members group 3D printer build lead by myself. With about 80 members very interested in having a 3D printer, we have incorporated modifications and improvements into a derivative design nicknamed Troublemaker. Area 200x200mm, H=200mm

  • German RepRap X400

    The X400 is a proven industrial 3D printer “Made in Germany” that has demonstrated its reliability and precision in multiple applications – even with the most challenging prototypes. Being the third generation of the device, the X400 PRO V3 combines mature development with technical improvements for even better print quality and an even greater selection of possible materials. This includes the new heated bed as well as the standard DD3 dual extruder. The X400 PRO V3 has thus become a tried and tested device in many practical applications, which offers in terms of build envelope and technical functions an unbeatable price performance ratio.

    Large build platform Its 390 x 400 mm build platform and a possible height of 320 mm* enable the X400 PRO V3 to provide the ideal basis for printing large objects.