Executive Millwork Inc.

Custom millwork with a touch of distinction.

Executive Millwork Inc.

Executive Millwork Inc. is customer focused and committed to excellence by delivering high quality competitively priced millwork solutions.

We are driven to be a leader in the industry as a preferred employer and an innovator in millwork who has embraced continuous improvement.

We manage our client’s projects to balance and meet their needs in terms of cost, quality, and schedule/delivery requirements. We manage this balance with confidence, this means:

  • We proactively work with our customers on how we can meet their needs.
  • We negotiate positively regarding information exchange, timelines, and commitments.
  • We ensure scheduling is balanced internally to not “excessively rush” at the end.
  • The quality standards for each project are captured upfront in the design and expressed on the drawings.
  • We will not compromise on meeting these quality expectations.
  • We put a priority on defect free production.

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