Digital Craft Lab

The Digital Craft Lab is a Digital Fabrication Studio.

Welcome to Digital Craft Lab

The Digital Craft Lab is a design and fabrication studio that is based in Rancho Cordova, CA. Mauricio Del Pozo is the founder, and he and this team are focused on fabricating high-end custom architectural elements that are derived from 3-D modeling, using Rhinoceros 3D and its various plug-ins, as tools to develop complex pieces. We have a portfolio that includes a wide range of residential and commercial projects. We are reaching out to introduce our firm and show how we bring innovative elements to an architectural project, with our team design, fabrication experience and our in-house digital fabrication infrastructure.

Please take a moment to look over out website, particularly the our latest featured projects that we are working on. We hope to meet and discuss possibilities to collaborate in the future and support your team to bring your designs to reality. The Digital Craft Lab is a company which has a vision to evolve to find new aesthetic qualities and to continually learn.

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