De Werkkamer

Artistic making, reconstruction, restauration and conservartion of any objects mainly in wood.

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About De Werkkamer

De Werkkamer started in 1999 as workshop for restauration of furniture and paintings. As from the beginning, we tried to keep the balance between old and new work methods, materials and techniques. In function of the fast 3D evolution and opportunities, De Werkkamer can address an end to end philosophy whereas the design, the prototyping, the making and the finishing can be combined. Especially for starting designers De Werkkamer is more than happy to work out a feasible practical and financial schedule with the focus to get started and payment based on results.

Any make can be finished as a unique “mass” product with focus on its uniqueness. Some examples of how your product can be made unique are: • Gold leaf finishing or any metal available in leafs • Inserts or overlays with veneer of any available kind and combination / compositions • Marble or wood imitation • Special painting composition (colours – formats) • Free choice of solid wood, hard board, composite materials, soft non ferro metals


De Werkkamer aims for a direct and interactive communication in all openness and honesty. Once the customer gets in contact, the project is discussed and the deliverables agreed on. If possible, a intermediate production check point is inserted to validate and synchronise where necessary. Since Belgium is not that big, deliveries can be mutually organised between the customer and De Werkkamer. For larger and international projects we can us UPS as our main transporter.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround times are subject for discussion, dependencies form vendors and machine free time and the degree of finishing. Take also some after production time into consideration to allow the make to settle, dry out and prepared for transport.

Opening Hours
De Werkkamer has no firm opening and closing times. We welcome you at least from 7 AM until midnight. Just take the time to inform us by phone, mail or sms.
When work needs to be done, it will be done. The notion of overtime does not exists at De Werkkamer, only the notion joy and quality work counts.
  • Company registration number: Cmpnay and TVA nr: BE 0544.770.113.