De Werkkamer

Artistic making, reconstruction, restauration and conservartion of any objects mainly in wood.

Welcome to De Werkkamer

De Werkkamer is a workshop where art and technology meet. Two activities are combined: making and restoration of furniture. Any creation of any object which is suitable for CNC manufacturing (workable surface = 2670x1420x260mm) is very welcome in De Werkkamer, whenever as a result of an environment like Opendesk, created as part of a study project, a design company or any other industrial demand. Each project can be finished in any new or old technique, ranging from varnish to gilding in 23,7 kd gold. Inlay with veneer in any compilation is possible as well. De Werkkamer's capabilities are only limited by yours and ours imagination and creativity and triggered even more when the degree of complexity of making the object is high. De Werkkamer applied successfully the usage of 3D scanning in relation of CNC type of activities, to reproduce objects using 2,5D milling techniques. To have a deeper insight in the activities of De Werkkamer, visit

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