Bringing making to the masses.

Welcome to danger!awesome

danger!awesome is a retail makerspace which brings high-tech tools, fun events, and creative possibilities to the everyday person. We operate under a community space concept, started in Central Square, Cambridge, and have been in operation continuously for the last 4 years. We bring design and fabrication tools and training to the masses; this type of space and commensurate commitment to our community is often called a makerspace. “Making” and the “making revolution,” as our work is called, is one of the most important aspects of economic development and educational equity for this century. As it becomes easier to design and fabricate everything from innovative prototypes, to small business signage, to innovations that have not even been imagined yet, it becomes crucial that cities bring makerspaces into downtown venues. Our focus is to bring these tools and opportunities to mass transit nodes with ground floor access—and we are virtually alone in the maker movement in making these tools and opportunities accessible to the masses in this way.

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