CNC Workshop

Bespoke CNC cutting for London’s designers, artists and engineers

Welcome to CNC Workshop

CNC Workshop was established by three pioneering design companies. Facit Homes, Wilder Creative and Glass Canvas.

We established this business to give us and other designers direct access to this kind of production technology. We have been exploring the design opportunities offered by this process over the last few years on a diverse range of projects and we are keen to share this knowledge and help other designers and makers to get the most out of this exciting technology.

We run like a print shop, where you supply the computer files and we cut it out. We offer a cost saving against other services by having an online interface with minimal administration and relying on you the customer to prepare your drawings in the correct format ready for cutting.

To do this we need your help. So please take a bit of time to understand the process and provide your drawings in the correct format. The pdf’s you can download below explain what you need to bear in mind when designing and how your CAD drawings need to be formatted.

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