BlackSheep Woodworks

If you need something in timber, we can do it! CNC Router and Laser at the ready

BlackSheep Woodworks

Blacksheep Woodworks is a small boutique business in the Western Suburbs of NSW in Australia. We have a plethora of woodworking tools at our disposal including a 2400x1200 CNC Router equipped with a 2.2 KW Spindle, Registration Locators for sheet work plus a vacuum table meaning we can easily handle repeating tasks.

Also in our arsenal is a 1300x900 Laser Engraver/cutter boasting a 130W tube which allows us the ability to engrave and cut a number of materials. When used in combination with the CNC Router we can easily engrave that special item that is a product of both Routing and Laser engraving.

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