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CNC Routing

For the fabrication of high precision parts and components, CNC technology provides top notch accuracy while reducing costs associated with costly machining processes. CNC cutting and engraving is faster and less expensive, and can replicate complex components from almost any material. High precision components, mountings, machine parts, furniture and decorative objects are made using computer controlled systems to operate routers in order to fabricate a wide range of parts. CNC technology is used by some of the most high-tech industries, catering to the exacting needs of industries like aerospace and medical technology. Using CAD or CAM drawings to drive the process, we can produce unique precision parts to satisfy a variety of needs.

Laser Engraving

Got an idea? We can make it real. From your vector design, we can engrave many materials to your exact specifications. Almost anything can be engraved: any material and even irregularly shaped objects can be engraved with your design. Laser cutting is the most precise method of cutting any material, from lettering for signs to components of items required for a build, we do it all. Following your design, we can cut thin materials including paper, plastics, metal and wood with perfect accuracy every time.


Bespoke Numerics offer a full range of finishing capabilities, allowing you to keep all your manufacturing needs under one roof. From stenciling, staining, gluing, polishing, tumbling, wet painting, laminating, sanding, coating and deburring to assembly and kitting, we do it all. Our finishing facilities are in-house, so your project can go from concept to reality all under one roof, eliminating the need for several vendors and multiple PO’s. We are hands-on through every single process, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail so that your finished product is as uncompromising as we are.

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