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About Bespoke Numerics

Bespoke Numerics offers solutions to your engraving, cutting and custom design needs. We work with creative agencies, designers, makers, builders and small businesses of all kinds to manufacture unique, bespoke and custom signs, objects, parts, furniture and items of all kinds, all made to order from your unique design. Using the latest computerized CNC router and laser engraving technology, we can assure your custom designs will be as perfect as your unique vision.

We are a company dedicated to bespoke engraving, fabricating and manufacturing based on the local manufacturing business model. Riding the wave of the future, local manufacturing is a smart business decision on many levels, as it eliminates several layers of the manufacturing process as well as any unpredictability that may ensue as a result of working with multiple vendors across a complex supply chain. The benefits of doing business this way include one-on-one personalized customer service, as you will be directly connecting with the artisans that will be making your product, with no third party frustrations or delays with prototyping and samples. Plus, you will be supporting local makers and using locally sourced materials whenever possible, so your carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

Using computer and laser technology, your designs will be engraved, cut and fabricated to exact digital specifications, ensuring consistency through all items, run after run. Last but not least, we can run as many or as few items as you need, without having to deal with manufacturing minimums that could tank your budget. Low or no set-up fee is always our goal.