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We manufacture bespoke plastic parts, products and solutions for clients in many different industries. What we produce is often the crucial, integral parts for finished equipment and products.

We service the needs of industrial specifiers, buyers, designers and engineers with diverse requirements from bespoke products to mass produced items; from proto-types to repetitive, stock controlled orders. We've consulted on issues that need a suitable or enhanced solution, such as blood handling, corrosion, fume extraction, healthy and safety, operator protection, contamination, food production, nuclear waste, waste removal, storage, ventilation, presentation & displays and sewage & water treatment.

We pride ourselves in delivering to a consistently and exceptionally high standard, on time and to budget. Our pricing is designed to be competitive without compromising our quality and reliability.

Our client base includes new clients and clients we have treasured for 44 years. We hope this demonstrates our commitment and ability to understand our customers businesses and needs and to work collaboratively with them and other supply partners to deliver exceptional and timely quality.


We can provide a perfect solution for plastic fabrication requirements. With our equipment and skills, our clients can expect a precise and high level of quality, accuracy and continuity with their products. All our fabrications are CNC profiled/machined to hand assembly giving the same attention to detail and level of care whether it be a singular panel or a piece of capital equipment.

We employ CSWIP approved fabricators across our three sites, experts – and certified in – working with plastics such as , acrylic, PVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, CPVC, Haylar and UPVC.

Our ongoing investment in training ensures our fabricators are best of breed within the plastics industry and for the clients they serve: small businesses and blue chip companies alike.

CNC Machining

We continue to invest in the most up-to-date CNC equipment enabling us to quickly and competitively provide repeatable, high volume, accurate, high quality finishes, batch consistency and close tolerance work.

Our CNC plant capacity includes Lathes, Milling Machines and Large Bed Routers. We can manufacture items upto 3m x 2m.

Part of our plant is temperature controlled enabling our engineers to achieve very tight tolerance work.

Laser Welding

We are the only company in the UK using a 6 axis CNC Robot with a 360 degree rotating table combined with a 430 watts diode laser welding head to weld thick section plastics (2m square work area). We have invested in this technology because it enables us to produce better, completely accurate, more cost effective and aesthetically pleasing bonds.

Whilst there are many established methods to join plastic, each with their own merits and disadvantages, our laser welding leads the way with complete accuracy, superior bond strengths compared to other joining techniques and clean, optically clear joints where required. Its flexible operating system offers a wide range of advantages for both mass production, small batch work and product development. Operating at high weld speeds, our laser welding robot can accurately control weld position and dimensions and offers reduced risk of thermal and mechanical stress. It can weld multiple clear or coloured layers simultaneously.

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