AC Waterjet

Full service, small and large scale CNC routing/milling, waterjet and laser cutting.

Our Services

We can cut and Machining on most materials & provide fabrication services. CNC Router, CNC Waterjet, CNC Laser, CNC Engraving, CNC Laser Engraver, CNC Machining on Plywood, MDF, Aluminium,... to 5' x 12'x 6" Thick material.


We can help you properly design and/or refine the custom products you need.


You name it, we cut it. Seriously.

CNC Machining

We can produce large scale CNC machining on-site up to 5' x 12'.

Laser Processes

Our CNC laser cutters can handle small and large tasks up to 7.5' x 13'. Unlike water and other traditional cutting systems, a laser beam exerts no mechanical or outside contact on the piece(s) being cut.

Waterjet Cutting

We have four machines capable of handling materials up 12'x 30'.

All Services

  • Design
  • Fabrication
    • CNC Machining
    • Laser Processes
    • Waterjet Cutting