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Here at 3dprintuk we specialise in our 3D printing bureau service. With accuracies of 0.028mm (less than a third of the thickness of a human hair), our models are not only highly accurate, they are also both affordable and quick to produce.

We are able to print models solid monochrome white plastic, and can guide you through any part of the process.

Do you need a custom part made? Is it an r/c car wheel or a dial for your vinatge radiogram that you can't find a replacement for?

Why not ask us, we can do all the hard bit for you, all we need is either a few dimensions, a photo or a similar part and we can model and print it for you both quickly and accurately.

Are you working on a new invention or design that you need help with? We have experienced designers working with us who may be able to help you.

If you are seeking helpful, friendly advice that will remain confidential between client and consultant, then please contact us and we'd be happy to advise.

CAD Modelling & File Conversion

If you need help with CAD (Computer Aided Design), whether it be converting from 2D to 3D, or turning a sketch into a virtual 3D model, we are here to help. We have a number of engineers here to help you get your model ready.

We design with 3D printing in mind, meaning that you will never have to perform any costly alterations before print.

Polyjet Matrix (Objet)

We use Objet's Polyjet technology to print incredibly accurate plastic models. The machine works by plotting a resin and curing it with UV light.

With accuracies of 0.028mm (a third of the thickness of a human hair), rigid yet flexible properties and glossy finishing, the Objet machine is the machine of choice for prototypes, mechanisms, architectural models and any other plastic based products.

Colours: White, Blue, Black, Grey Accuracy: 0.028mm (layer) 0.04mm (x/y) Max dimensions: 294x192x148mm Finish: Glossy plastic, strong. Min detail size: 0.5mm Min wall thickness: 1mm (2mm safe)

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  • Design
    • CAD Modelling & File Conversion
  • Fabrication
    • 3D Printing
      • Polyjet Matrix (Objet)
      • Stereolithography
  • Finishing
    • 3D Print Post-Processing
  • Guidance
  • Scale Model Making
    • Concept / Block Model Making
    • Product Scale Model Making