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Established in June 2007, 3DDC — an AT-3D SQUARED company — is based in North Crawley (near Milton Keynes).

3DDC is the first European company to set up a metal coating facility specifically for products that have been produced using rapid prototyping (RP) and rapid manufacturing (RM) technologies. The Metalise™ it… process was developed by AT-3D SQUARED and can now, through the experts at 3DDC, provide customers with the highest quality of plated RP parts available on the market today. The company specialises in metal coating parts for one-off projects or small lot production runs.

Managing Director Graham Barton

Graham Barton has forged a comprehensive engineering career working in a variety of industrial sectors with advanced subtractive and additive technologies, most recently in the demanding environment of Formula 1. As the Aerodynamic Production Manager at Jaguar Racing and Red Bull Technology for more than five years, Graham’s role involved overseeing all of the production activities within the Aerodynamics Department, including input on design and manufacturing process and supporting both scale model and fullsize wind tunnel test programmes. He was also directly responsible for initiating and running the RP production facility with the team. This wealth of experience within such an exacting discipline ensures that Graham is able to determine project goals and requirements in the most straightforward way, from earliest concept through to finished and coated part — to the advantage of any 3DDC client.

The company is also able to provide its services in fluent German.

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