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Our strengths

A key strength is our core team of specialists who are perceived as leading experts within their field. Our team has a combined knowledge of almost 150 years of experience. A wonderful mutuality of respect means that finding solutions to meet clients’ needs is a process that is not only enjoyable but is rapidly realised.

We have a core management team of six technical specialists, covering; metalwork, carpentry, fibreglass moulding, CAD & technical drawing, electrical and electronic engineering and product design. It is this team that possesses the technical capabilities to turn designs into final products. All our technical experts are very much hands-on thus ensuring that their practical knowledge, experience and understanding continue to develop as new technologies and materials become available. Our clients receive a design and engineering service that is up to date with the latest developments in materials, methodology and engineering.

The way we work

We have a company culture that meshes with the way designers work; a culture that is flexible, adaptable and responsive to changing needs and circumstances. We listen and hear.

We recognise and understand that ideas do evolve, and as such that evolution, can and often does result in a rethink and redesign of the original idea or concept. As one influential designer, once stated to Rob, ‘Rob, I like working with you, because I can bring you my ideas, and no matter how conceptual or abstract my ideas are, you are able to grasp the essence of what I am striving to achieve. Also you never turn round and tell me that it’s not possible, but rather will work with me in defining and implementing the most appropriate solution.’


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