11th Hours Prototypes

Are you after a GOOD, QUICK, COST EFFECTIVE Prototype? This is just what 11th Hour Prototypes offer. “a quick in and out the door solution!”. We offer base level SLA or SLS prototypes – this means components straight off the machine – with no finishing.

Get a quote in two hours

"11th Hour Prototypes provides a two tier costing system depending upon whether you require really urgent parts, or whether you are prepared to wait a few days to get a substantial discount."

11th Hour Prototypes will quote within 2 business hours from receiving your clean stl files. Why wait days for your rapid product development quote, when we'll give you a quote for your rp parts in only 2 hours.

Excellent Pedigree

11th Hour Prototypes is a service provided by Malcolm Nicholls Limited, a long established (Since 1971) modelmaking and rapid prototyping company, with an exemplary reputation. MNL have been producing stereolithography parts since 1996, and are in their seventhth year of selective laser sintering.

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