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What is FabHub?

FabHub is a global directory of digital fabricators: makers, workshops, factories and manufacturers who offer a manufacturing service or services using digital fabrication technology.

You can use FabHub to find a maker / find a digital fabricator who can make / manufacture / fabricate products that are designed for digital fabrication, be it CNC cutting, CNC routing, 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser cutting — any technology where you supply a digital design (normally as vector artwork or cutting sheets) that numerically controls a digital manufacturing machine.

Traditionally, these digital manufacturing services have been used for rapid prototyping by companies looking to design and iterate products: one-off model making or short-run prototypes with a quick turnaround. However, with the rise of technologies like Stereolithography (SLA), 3D Printing, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and CNC Machining, their integration with the Internet and digital communication technologies, more and more designers, makers and product companies are using digital fabrication techniques to produce specialised, bespoke, customised and personalised products.

In many cases, makers and digital fabricators can help refine designs, make sure they're structurally sound and makable and / or finish and arrange delivery. This often includes engineering and CAD work to fix and analyse 3D models, file conversion and / or post production and finishing work (like sanding, polishing and applying a finish or coating to the raw product coming off the machine).

Current services offered include: 2D Colour Print Media, 3D Film/Video Production, 3D Printing, 3D Print Post-Processing, 3D Scanning, Architectural Model Making, Assembly, CAD Modelling & File Conversion, Casting, CNC Lathing, CNC Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Routing, Concept / Block Model Making, Concept Design, Construction Services, ddd (d), Design, Design Analysis, Experiental 3D Production, Fabrication, Finishing, Flame Polishing, Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Guidance, Joinery & Cladding, Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, Laser Processes, Laser Welding, Materials, Media & Print, Metal Casting / Die Casting, Metal Coating / Plating, Metalworks, MultiJet Modeling (ZCorp) (MJM), Polishing, Polyjet Matrix (Objet), Powder Coating (Powder Coating), Printing, Product Scale Model Making, Rapid Injection Tooling (RIT), Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM), Scale Model Making, Scanning, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Sheet & Film Printing, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Spray Painting, Stereolithography (SLA), Technical Services, Tube Bending (Tube Bending), Turnkey Build Projects, Vacuum Casting / Vacuum Forming, Vinyl Printing & Application, Waterjet Cutting.

Current locations include: Aguascalientes, Alafoss, Alicante, Al Jahra, Allegan County, Allegheny County, Altındağ, Amphoe Sam Khok, Antrim, Antwerp Province, Atibaia, Atizapán de Zaragoza Municipality, Auburn, Auckland, Aveyron, Azor, Balearic Islands, Ballina, Bangalore Urban, Bāra Banki, Barcelona, Bas-Rhin, Batatais, Bath and North East Somerset, Belfast, Benito Juárez Borough, Berlin, Stadt, Birmingham, Biscay, Blackburn with Darwen, Bonner County, Boroondara, Brasília, Braye, Brevard County, Bridgewater, Brisbane, Bristol, (Bruxelles-Capitale), Buckinghamshire, Buncombe County, Butler County, Cacalomacán, Calgary, Cambridgeshire, Cantabria, Canterbury, Cantón de Paraíso, Cantón Guayaquil, Cantón Quito, Cape Town, Capitale-Nationale, Carapicuíba, Cascavel, Castellon, Catania, Catoosa County, Central Administrative Okrug, Charleston County, Cheshire West and Chester, Chicoloapan Municipality, Christian County, Clackmannanshire, Colombo, Comuna Brăneşti, Cook County, Cook County, Copenhagen municipality, Cornwall, Cota, County Mayo, Coyoacán Borough, Crow Wing County, Cuauhtémoc Borough, Cuautitlán Izcalli Municipality, Culiacán, Cumberland County, Daerah Johor Baharu, Daerah Pontian, Darebin, Darwin, Davidson County, Denver County, Departamento de Capital, Departamento de Rosario, Derby, Devon, Diadema, Dilermando de Aguiar, Distretto di Bernina, District de Neuchâtel, Distrito de San Salvador, Dongdaemun-gu, Drayton Valley, Dresden, Dublin City, Dumfries and Galloway, Duval County, East Flanders, East Sussex, Eaton County, Edinburgh, El Paso County, El Paso County, Emperatriz, eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, Fayette County, Finistère, Florence, Florianópolis, Forsyth County, Fort Bend County, Franklin County, Franklin County, Frauenfeld, Frederiksberg Kommune, Fremantle, Frunzensky District, García de la Cadena, Garfield, Gateshead, Gemeente Amsterdam, Gemeente Arnhem, Gemeente Baarle-Nassau, Gemeente Breda, Gemeente Diemen, Gemeente Groningen, Gemeente Kerkrade, Gemeente Leeuwarden, Gemeente Rotterdam, Gemeente Schiedam, Gemeente ’s-Gravenhage, Gemeente Skarsterlân, Gemeente Tilburg, Gemeente Woensdrecht, Gemeente Wormerland, Gipuzkoa, Glasgow City, Grand Traverse County, Grays Harbor County, Greater London, Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Gustavo A. Madero Borough, Hainaut Province, Hamburg, Freie und Hansestadt, Hamilton County, Harrisonburg, Hato Rey Norte Barrio, Haute-Savoie, Hauts-de-Seine, Hennepin County, Hertfordshire, Hobart, Horowhenua District, Hubbard County, Hyderābād, Ifako-Ijaiye, Ille-et-Vilaine, Islamabad, Jefferson County, Kâğıthane, Kalamazoo County, Kam Tin San Tsuen, Kent County, Khet Bang Rak, Kings County, Kingston upon Hull, Kirovo-Chepetskiy Rayon, Kirovskiy Rayon, Kitsap County, Kotamadya Jakarta Selatan, Kreisfreie Stadt Lübeck, Kyiv, Lagomar, Lake Macquarie Shire, Landes, Lane County, Laval, Leeds, Lehigh County, Leon, Liège Province, Lima, Limburg Province, Lisbon, Lleida, Loiret, Los Angeles County, Los Cabos, Lower Bavaria, Macquarie, Madrid, Manchester, Manizales, Maricopa County, Marlborough District, Martigny, Maui, McLean County, Medellín, Merkez, Mexicali, Midland County, Miguel Hidalgo Borough, Milton, Milwaukee County, Molde, Montérégie, Monterrey, Montréal, Moreland, Multnomah County, Municipiul Bacãu, Muskegon County, Nanaimo, Naples, Nassau County, Naucalpan de Juárez Municipality, Neblo, Nelson City, New York County, Nomarchía Athínas, Nomós Thessaloníkis, Norfolk, Northampton County, Nyíregyháza, Oaxaca, Obshtina Silistra, Obshtina Varna, Okres Louny, Okres Ústí nad Orlicí, Ontario, Opština [historical] Maribor-Rotovže, Orange County, Orange County, Orange County, Oslo, Outaouais, Övertorneå Kommun, Oxford County, Oxfordshire, Palermo Soho, Paris, Parramatta, Partido de José C. Paz, Partido de Lanús, Partido de Lomas de Zamora, Pasto, Philadelphia County, Phillip, Pierce County, Politischer Bezirk Weiz, Ponte de Lima, Pope County, Portsmouth, powiat Łódzki Wschodni, Powiat poznański, Powiat zamojski, Poznań, Province of Batangas, Province of Monza and Brianza, Provincia de Concepción, Provincia de Marga Marga, Provincia de Santiago, Provincia di Bolzano, Provincia di Lecco, Provincia di Lucca, Provincia di Potenza, Pulaski County, Putnam County, Queens, Ramsey County, Rhône, Rio de Janeiro, Rockingham County, Rome, Runavík, Saint Charles Parish, Salford, Salt Lake County, San Francisco County, San Luis Obispo County, San Mateo County, Santiago de Querétaro, Saskatoon, Satara Division, Sehore, Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Seville, Shahrestān-e Pākdasht, Sheffield, Shibuya-ku, Slough, Solano County, Somerset, Somme, Sopot, South 24 Paraganas, Southampton, South Ayrshire, South Taranaki District, St. John's, St. Louis, Stoke-on-Trent, Suffolk, Suffolk County, Suffolk County, Swansea, Sydney, Szczecin, Taipei, Tai Po, Tarragona, Tarrant County, Tecámac Municipality, Telford and Wrekin, Temósachi, Thurston County, Tijuana, Tlalpan Borough, Toronto county, Travis County, Trondheim, Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, Tsuen Wan, Tulsa County, Turin, Ubaque, Union County, Union County, Upper Garonne, Valencia, Valladolid, Valmiera, Vancouver, Vienne, Walloon Brabant Province, Ward of Couva, Ward of Valencia, Warszawa, Warwickshire, Wayne County, West Flanders, Westmoreland County, West Rand District Municipality, West Sussex, Whitsunday, Wigan, Worcestershire, Xochimilco Borough, Yel’nikovskiy Rayon, York City.

Current materials worked with include: ABS, Acetal, Acrylic / Perspex, Acrylic textile, Advantech, Aluminium, Aluminium Composite / Coated, ApplePly, Aramid textile, Ash, Aspen, Bakelite / PF Phenol Formaldehyde, Birch, Birch-faced Plywood, Brass, Bronze, Cardboard, Cedar, Ceramic, Cherry, Constructional Timber, Copper, Corian, Cork, Corrugated Plastic / Coroplast / Correx / Twinwall Plastic, Cotton, Decorative Wood Veneers, Denim, Dibond / Alu-panel, Ecosheet, Elm, Engineering Plastics & Sheets (Thermoplast), Epoxy Resin (semi-transparent), EPS / Expanded Polystyrene / Styrofoam / Blue Foam, Felt, Ferrous Metals, Fibreglass systems, Fir, Foam Polymers, Glass, Gold, Hardwoods, Hazel, HIPS High Impact Polystyrene, Laminated Plywood, Leather, LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber, Mahogany, Maple, Marble, MDF Medium Density Fibreboard, Mild Steel, Mirror glass, Non-Ferrous Metals & Composites, Nylon, Nylon textile, Oak, OSB Oriented Strand Board, Other construction materials, Other Organic Materials, Paper, Particleboard / Chipboard / MFC, PET Extruded Sheets, PETG, Pine, Plaster, Platinum, Plywood, Polycarbonate, Polyester textile, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyurethane (non foam, engineering plastic), Polyurethane / PUR / PU, POM Polyoxymethylene / Delrin / Celcon / Hostaform, Precious Metals, PTFE Sheets and solids, PVC, Rubber, Silicone, Silver, Slate, Softwoods, Spandex / Polyurethane textile, Spruce, Stainless Steel, Stone & Ceramic, Suede, Teak, Terra Cotta & Earthenware, Textiles, Thermoset Plastics, Valchromat, Walnut, Wax, White Resin (3D Printing), Wisaboard Laminated Plywood, Wood / Timber, ZOTE Foam / Polyethylene Foam.

Current file formats supported include: ACIS SAB (.sab), ACIS SAT (.sat), Adobe Illustrator AI (.ai), AutoCAD DWG (.dwg), AutoCAD DXF (.dxf), AutoDesk 3D Studio 3DS (.3ds), AutoDesk Inventor .iam (.iam), AutoDesk Inventor .ipt (.ipt), CATIA (.catia), CATIA V4 (.model), CATIA V5 .CATpart (.catpart), CATIA V5 .CATproduct (.catproduct), CorelDraw CDR (.cdr), Creo / Pro Engineer ASM (.asm), Creo / Pro Engineer PRT (.prt), Designer MGX (.mgx), EPS Encapsulated PostScript (.eps), GFX (.gfx), IGES IGS (.igs), NX Unigraphics PRT (.prt), OpenRP (.rp), ParaSolid X_B (.x_b), ParaSolid X_T (.x_t), PDF (.pdf), PROE (.proe), Rhino 3D 3dm (.3dm), SketchUp SKP (.skp), SolidEdge ASM (.asm), SolidEdge PAR (.par), SolidWorks 3D Assembly Model (.sldasm), SolidWorks 3D Part Model (.sldprt), SpaceClaim (.scdoc), STEP STP (.stp), STL (.stl), VDA (.vda), Vision VX (.vx), Wavefront OBJ (.obj).

How it Works

FabHub (literally the Fab Hub, or Digital Fabrication Hub) provides a free listing and directory search service for qualified fabricators and a global maker map showing where they are located.

Makers and fabricators can signup and create a fabricator profile. This profile will be moderated and is encouraged to provide information about services, facilities, machines, materials and supported file formats.

Once they find a suitable maker, designers and potential customers can make an enquiry and / or request a quote from the fabricator profile. In this way, we hope that FabHub will help designers make enquiries, get a quote / quotes or price indication and start a fruitful business relationship with local / specialised makers in their area or neighbourhood.